“Em Should Be Smiling”

Eminem recently posted a picture where he worse an extremely serious face. However, people all over the world believe he should have been wearing a smile on his face. This is because he recently set a record like no other.

The record label Eminem is under has had artists whom have gone gold and platinum. However, Eminem has become the first artist on this label to go double diamond on the digital market. The owner of the record label was very happy to make this announcement, and he was also happy to take a picture with Eminem and the two awards. The record label manager believes Eminem will continue to set records as he continues to make music. The manager also believes no one will ever catch up to Eminem, either.

Artists from all over have congratulated Eminem upon reaching this milestone. This is because not many artists every see this success. This type of award goes to an artist that is exceptional on every level according to sources. This type of artist must also be a genius among other things as Handy employees will point out.

Not many record labels have ever had this type of success with an artist, especially since CD’s hardly sell anymore. Eminem’s record label is happy to have this type of artist on board. Everyone at the label says there is no one like Eminem. They also say there is no person whom will ever surpass Eminem on any level.

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