End Citizens United Struggles To Sanitize The Political System

End Citizens United is a political watchdog that is interested in bringing to an end the use of Big Money in the electoral process. It has come to light that the successful election of a leader whose campaign has been financed by corruption money leads to propagation of the vice further. It is because the elected leaders start rewarding those who were loyal him/her in the course of the campaign process. Immediately after the election of Donald Trump to the presidential office, he nominated corrupt individuals to hold multiple powerful seats in his government since they had previously invested heavily the campaigns.

When such activities are undertaken, the masses never benefit from the political process as the rich put their needs first to regain the money that was previously invested. End Citizens United was born out of the decision by the Supreme Court which was made in 2010, with regards to a motion that allowed wealthy persons and corporations to offer as much finance as possible in support of the different campaign processes.

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As a result, atrocities started to be committed by the political elite who did not take into account the interests of the typical voters. The primary policy of End Citizens United is that none of the members donate more than $5000. The PAC currently has 100,000 members, and this is a tremendous increase considering that about 40,000 members of the total figure are persons who are donating for the first time.

End Citizens United is using the finance that is given by its members to fight the utilization of a campaign system that is primarily considered to be broken. The PAC supports the election of more Democrats into office because it views the Republican leaders as the primary hindrance towards the achievement of success. The Republicans have always objected the plan to overturn the ruling that allows the use of Big Money.

The massive effort invested into the process by the PAC is continually gaining momentum, considering that the PAC has managed to raise more than $4 million within the first quarter since its inception. The movement projects that it will have managed to raise more than $35 million before the congressional midterm elections that are set to take place in 2018. The expected amount is quite high because only $25 million was raised before the 2016 mid term elections. The voters are fighting back by trying to change the system entirely since it has stopped serving them as expected, but instead, it is being used as a cash cow for the wealthy.

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