Entrepreneur Isabel Dos Santos Helps Angolan Women Prosper

Some of Angola’s greatest strengths are that it is rich in minerals and has many entrepreneurial people. It’s undergoing a large transformation for the better, something that is well understood by entrepreneur Isabel dos Santos. She is a philanthropist who focuses on education, technological innovation, and health-related issues. She has helped the Angolan people throughout her career and is more focused on doing so than ever before in recent years.

Isabel dos Santos has worked to make sure that Angolan women are provided an even playing field when it comes to developing their careers. She also works to make sure children are educated so they can take part in the global economy. While Angola has its strengths, it also has its challenges. It is a patriarchal society where women are given roles at home while men are their family’s sole source of income in many cases.

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She grew into a strong and confident woman despite growing up in this type of society. What helped was that she earned her later education in the United Kingdom where, at an all-girls school, she was taught business skills. Ever since returning to Angola, she has been launching initiatives meant to empower women and elevate them to being equal members of society. She says that the Angolan people are her nation’s greatest strength and this includes women.

She has managed several national and international firms during her 20 plus year career. Some of the companies she has been an executive at include Zap, Candando, Unitel, Efacec, and Sodiba. Isabel dos Santos says that how large corporations act greatly impacts everyone in society, for better or worse.

She has been a role model for Angolan women who want to become entrepreneurs themselves. She advises them to identify their passions and pursue them. Isabel dos Santos says that one of the best ways to uplift women is to build projects in local communities. She has started many such projects in Angola, including a strawberry field where women work in Huila. Women working in this field earn an income by selling what they produce to local markets.

A nova vida de Isabel dos Santos na Unitel

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