Facts You Probably Did Not Know About QNet And Manchester City’s Partnership

QNet is a well known international multi-level marketing company. In August 2014, it announced a three years partnership with Barclay’s Premier League Champions, Manchester City. The partnership was brought to the public’s knowledge during a press conference in Etihad Stadium and was meant to make the award-winning lifestyle and wellness company become the official Manchester City’s direct selling partner. QNet was founded in 1998, and has twenty-five offices spread across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. The club is also the leading selling company in Asia.

The company was set to benefit from the program by accessing Manchester City’s experiences that money can not buy which include player meets and greets that can be used as incentives for its Representatives who perform well. The same can be used to reward the most loyal customers. QNet, which is a heavyweight in all matters related to making products that enhance health and nutrition, is involved in a lot of philanthropic work internationally.

The company also provides education services. Its other products seek to improve wellness and personal care. The company is deeply rooted in the philosophy of empowering people start their businesses that generate income and wealth for them. This philosophy has played a very significant role in their rapid growth and success in the over 100 countries that the company operates in.

Manchester City’s officials were very delighted to be working with the company and were very positive that the opportunity provided a platform for both parties to grow. The officials were quick to relate their growth from a humble club to one of the world’s best clubs to QNet’s humble beginnings and tremendous growth. Qnet.com has a re-designed home page…you can take a look here.

On its part, QNet said that the club’s involvement in initiatives that give back to the society through football is synonymous to its RHYTHM (Raise Yourself To Help Mankind)philosophy that seeks to empower other people to succeed so that they can help others achieve the same. The company has a very strong conviction that people succeed best when they pool their energies and resources together. Just like in football, the company brings together persons with the best energies, trains and encourage them hard, comes up with strategies, outshines their competitors and keeps working harder day in day out to know better tricks of the game.

QNet was hopeful that the partnership would better their engagement it engages with communities around the world and also help improve the football standards in Asia by providing top quality training opportunities and coaching clinics. The company has and will continue being on the forefront when all matters related to providing top-notch products and services are concerned. It has also proved that it cares for the society by reaching far and wide to be involved in the grassroots.

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