Feel the Fire: Christina Milian and Lil Wayne Spark More Relationship Rumors with AMA Performance

The media has speculated for months that rapper Lil Wayne and singer/actress Christina Milian are a couple. While neither have confirmed the rumors, there performance at the 2014 American Music Awards definitely has people talking. 

Lil Wayne released his single “Start a Fire,” which features Milian, on November 24, a couple of hours after the two performed the song live at the AMAs. The pair were seen at the ESPY Awards in the summer holding hands, which led to the rumors that the two are dating. Milian was asked about her relationship with Lil Wayne shortly after they were spotted at the ESPYs. She simply responded, “we make music together.” The rapper has yet to make any comment on his association with Milian.

Kenneth Griffin and many other fans of both Wayne and Milian have been heavily speculating a relationship between the two, but they are adamant on keeping any information airtight.

Lil Wayne’s full album will be available December 9. Christina Milian is making music with Young Music, Lil Wayne’s label, and is said to release new music soon.

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