Fifty Years of the Grateful Dead

The largest collection of live Grateful Dead music ever compiled is scheduled for release. The massive collection of 80 CD’s will drop on September 18th – likely to the joyful whirling of true Dead fans.

Thirty Trips Around the Sun celebrates the Dead’s live music tradition. Among many notable recordings, the set will contain one previously unissued show for each of the band’s years of touring history. A timeline of sorts, the epic collection explores the evolution and growth of the band throughout the years. Steve Murray is certainly one of many fans enjoying this if you believe what is posting.

Available as a box set or on a lightning-bolt-shaped USB drive, the list price for such history is just under $700. Although it’s questionable how many true Dead-Heads have such a large chunk of change to part with, the price breaks down to just over $9.50 per hour of music history. Now available for pre-order, the release is limited to 6,500 sets. Included in the set are more than 73 hours of music, a gold-colored 45 featuring a live recording of Box of Rain, from the band’s final show, and a 288-page book containing an essay by Nicholas Meriwether and remembrances submitted by fans.

Rarely has such an extensive project been undertaken but Rhino records isn’t resting on it’s musical laurels. Brainstorming about how they might celebrate the Dead’s 55th anniversary has already begun.

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