Find Out How Sameer Jejurikar Accomplished His Childhood Dreams

Self-esteem influences both your personality and character. Once you lose your self esteem, you become a vulnerable being with a miserable life. Researchers say self-esteem plays a key role in changing the people’s lives. However, people who don’t appreciate the way they look will in many cases end up hurting their feelings as well having issues with their self worth. That’s why a plastic surgeon comes in handy. Sameer Jejurikar is a well experienced plastic surgeon who offers cosmetic services. His main objective is to ensure the needs of his are all met. He is an authorized surgeon who has won various awards throughout his medical professional career.

Sameer does not only focus on giving best results to his patients but also in ensuring that they will have a long lasting appearance. In 2012, the cosmetic expert got a Compassionate Doctor Certification Award. Such powerful award only target highly ranked plastic surgeons that have done a commendable job. The surgeon was born and raised in Minnesota. His passion to become a surgeon started as from a younger age. Moreover, it is a career that he pursued later in life. Sameer went to Michigan University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in medicine.

He later undertook his fellowship at Manhattan Hospital, a medical center that specializes in throat, ear and eye medical complications. The plastic surgeon was highly regarded by the American Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Society for being an active member in their facility. Sameer has played a significant role in his community. Many of his patients appreciate him for his proficiency. He has been in the fore front to ensure that annual medical missions in Bangladesh happen so that poor children can benefit from the services. With the aid of Smile Bangladesh organization, he has fixed several body features of people such as the nose, face, eyes and breasts. Some of the publications he has featured in include; Microsurgery, Surgical Research Journal, Aesthetic Surgical Journal, and also Reconstructive & Plastic Surgery.

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