Finding Superior Legal Representation in Florida

When it comes to legal matters, an individual has many options. The choices that are made going forward can have significant impact on the results of a possible action.

Whatever choice is made, it should be made with great prudence. While you may be able to find a lawyer who you get advice from in the beginning of your process, finding one with actual experience in your matter is a must. To choose legal counsel unable or unqualified to represent you can prove to be detrimental to the success of your case.

Even before going over the specifics of your matter, you should ask the lawyer questions of a general nature about his experience. Ascertain if he or she has handled this type of case before, and if so, how successful he or she was. A good lawyer will be not afraid to disclose his or her experience regarding situations like yours.

Dan Newlin is an attorney based in Orlando, Florida. He has years of extensive experience in helping people with personal injury cases, and has an impressive record in helping his plaintiffs secure decisions in their favor. His reputation of impeccable service has given him the reputation as one of the top lawyers in Florida.

Newlin has won several high profile cases for his clientele. In one of his cases, he successfully litigated a $24 million judgement for the family of a peace officer who was assaulted by two robbers at an Orlando ATM. The assailants attempted to secure a deal to sell the story of their crime and conviction after they were convicted and sent to prison. The family of the deceased officer heard about the deal they made, used Newlin to sue for damages, and were successful in obtaining a judgement that was attached to their stories’ royalties.

In another matter, Newlin was able to secure a court win for a young girl who was errantly shot in the head by a gang member. The injury left the girl paralyzed, unable to move or speak. Her only method of communication was blinking. Newlin represented her, and got the victim $100 million from her insurance company for pain and suffering and emotional distress. Dan Newlin was also written about by

Through the years, Newlin and Associates have won over $150 million in awards for their various clients over the firm’s lifetime. He practices in Orlando, as well as through a second office in Chicago, Illinois. If you dealing with a matter of personal injury, and you would like a consultation on, you can reach him through his website at

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