Florida Pharmacies Fill Scores of Orders to Venezuela

The economic devastation in the country of Venezuela has led to a surprising boom in a Florida-based industry. El Nacional reports on Florida pharmacies are receiving scores of orders for prescriptions from Venezuela. The supply of medicine in Venezuela may have harmed domestic supply, but supplies in the United States are solid. Mail order prescriptions from Venezuela fill a need for those who are able to afford the purchases.
One hurdle people in Venezuela have to face is the purchased must be in American dollars, a currency on short supply in Venezuela. Even with the short supply on dollars, pharmacies in Florida are seeing a significant number of orders.

India is a country that imports a huge amount of pharmaceuticals to Venezuela. A import-export trade impasse is taking place between the two countries. Analyst David Osio thinks Venezuela’s economic troubles are causing it to not fulfill obligations.

Prescription medications are not the only products being shipped to Venezuela. Over the counter products and vitamins are being sold in high numbers as well. Even certain medical devices are ordered. None of this should be surprising to anyone who has been following the economic situation in Venezuela. Everything is on short supply. Such is going to be the case when an economy has reached horribly low depths.

Florida’s economy, at least in the pharmacy and shipping sector, does get a boost from the situation in Venezuela. Unless things start turning around in the Latin American country, Florida and other commercial centers are going to continue to be relied on heavily for basic supplies.


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