Foreign Money in American Elections Exposes Serious Campaign Finance Laws Loopholes

The president of End Citizens United (ECU), Tiffany Mueller, is probing if Russian Facebook ads meddled with the 2016 US election. The ads from a Russian troll firm are reported to have cost $100,000 despite there being a ban on foreign spending in election campaigns. Mueller’s team is also looking into if President Trump’s campaign team aided the Russian firm. ECU is doing this since it believes that right-wing politicians with special interests are undermining campaign finance laws. The Political Action Committee (PAC) believes that Washington is not making enough effort to stop the infiltration of foreign money in American election campaigns. This is not the first time foreign cash has made its way in the US elections. In the past, Chinese and Mexican money has funded super PACs in the country supporting several candidates. Pushing this debate on the meddling of foreign money in US elections, ECU has on more than one occasion called on Washington to be courageous enough to ward off the involvement of special interest groups that do not have the welfare of the American people at heart.

End Citizens United on Social Media

The fact that foreign money has made its way in US election campaigns highlights many loopholes in campaign finance laws that need to be sealed. ECU is working with fellow like-minded citizens to promote the funding of election campaigns at the grassroots level. It also supports Democrats to office who advocate for the sealing of such loopholes by advocating for reforms in campaign finance laws. The PAC is present on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter where it sells its agenda and interacts with other like-minded Americans.

End Citizens Endorses Jones

In a different scenario, End Citizens United has been on the lead of endorsing Jones Doug for senate. The PAC is bent on believing that he is the right choice for leadership roles. Being senator requires so much. It requires selflessness and appropriate behavior. The team stated that Jones is a reliable attorney and he can handle cases pertaining to finance reforms. He is likely going to fight for his people, the citizens. Jones does not have a dirty track record that would disqualify him. On the other hand, Moore is not a straight man when it comes to character. Moore will disappoint citizens. It is clear that Moore has a record of misconduct. He is set to disappoint people by pocketing their money instead of working to elevate them economically. For End Citizens, Moore is a bad choice and he should not even be part of the vying candidates. He lacks reliability and credibility. He is also corrupt and selfish. What is worst, he is racist.

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