Friends, Friends, Friends

Who can forget the phenomenal sitcom Friends? We lived and loved for years over coffee at Central Perk. We watched Chandler and Monica marry, but before this happened, they went through a bumpy ride of love over the years. Monica had been a bit overweight and Chandler’s comment set her off on a path of amazing change.
Flash forward a few years and Monica was a hottie after dropping about 50 pounds.Terry Richardson recalls from the show that Every Thanksgiving, the friends gathered and Monica the culinary genius cooked a feast. Particularly the one where Monica put her head inside that turkey!  That was it for Chandler; he knew he was in love.
Hard to believe that by merely putting a piece of poultry on you head and being unable to remove it would create such a love affair, but it did and I think most of us will agree with Terry Richardson, we are oh so happy it did.

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