Full House Show In The Works

Full House was one of the greatest American sitcoms in the history of cable television. The show went through countless seasons, and it enjoyed high ratings, but the program officially came to an end in 1995. Full House launched the career of Hollywood hunk John Stamos, and it also gave Bob Saget increased notoriety. Also, the Olsen twins starred as the cute Tanner baby. However, that was a long time ago, and the cast has not enjoyed success on the same level since.

Flavio Maluf says that luckily for the cast of Full House, a spinoff of the original show will air within the next two years. Many people believed that the new Full House spinoff was actually just an April fools joke, but it has been confirmed that the Full House spinoff is coming. Bob Saget and John Stamos have confirmed that they will reprise their iconic roles for the new Full House sitcom.

It is expected that the new show will only be around for one season, but it will feature 13 episodes. This comes as great news for hardcore fans of the show, but many people are wondering if the new Full House sitcom will be any good. More information on the story, visit Buzzfeed.

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