George Soros Restructures his Portfolio Interests

It’s a well-documented fact how George Soros took leave from the world of investment advisory and trading. This decision came after decades of successful involvement that saw him conquer the Wall Street. In fact, George Soros made billions and left at the peak of his powers a few decades ago.

Even in retirement, George Soros still commands respect and influence in investment banking circles. The Soros Management Fund has also been doing exceptionally well and operates about $30 billion in assets today. His views on economic affairs resonate with the world and corporate leaders alike. Better still, he receives invitations to address conventions and summits on economic strategies around the world. Soros goes down in history as one of the greatest investors of the past century.

George Soros happens to be one of the authorities to acknowledge the modern economic challenges that come with the 21st century. As a result, he pleads with policy makers and economists to implement sound and sustainable practices. He has previously warned of impending economic adversities such as the credit crunch in Greece and the great recession of 2007/08.

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George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

Soros meanwhile dedicates all his time and resources to philanthropic ventures through the Open Society Foundations. Since 1979, Soros has linked with these establishments to promote social, political and economic welfare to all communities and regions of the world. The Open Society Foundations tide on the tenets of good governance, the enlightenment of the masses, quality education and human rights for all. Amazingly, Soros uses his wealth to keep the foundation running in over 120 host countries.

The godfather of hedge funds once opined that his exploits in his career and his early life of adversity afford him the liberty to intervene in global issues much more than his peers can. The Apartheid movement in South Africa benefited from Soros’ kind heart as he gave the power to smart black students through scholarships abroad. George also empowered students in Eastern Europe in a similar capacity.

Over the past five years, George Soros has agonized over the level of economic turmoil in continents such as Europe and Asia. He remains vocal on such issues through authorship of books and journal articles on a regular basis. Earlier this year, Mr. Soros criticized the Chinese credit markets of excessive borrowing in a period when its economy experienced major adjustment issues.

In fact, George Soros saw symptoms of an adverse economic event similar to the period preceding 2007. As a result, he made headlines when he returned to the financial markets, this time selling a huge chunk of his stocks. All the money went into diversifying interests in gold companies as well as gold itself.

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