Get Ready! Skout is About to Take Over Social Media

If you haven’t heard of Skout yet, sit tight. It may be the next Facebook. Skout is the leading mobile application built for dating and flirting and it’s taking over the world of social media. Available on both iOS and Android operating systems, the Skout app includes Nixter, which is a nightlife app, and Fuse, an app made for group messaging. Through the smartphone global positioning system, users can find other users within a certain radius of one another; however, for safety reasons, it does not reveal the exact location. Users can also opt out of the location-tracking feature of the app.

Users can sign up through their Facebook account or their email address. Next, they must create a profile with basic information that includes with dating interests. Scout’s main interface is a simple photo grid that displays images of other users that my share interests. By tapping on individual images, you are then connected to that user’s profile, which shows their basic information, a few recent posts—similar to Facebook. It also shows how many “points” the user has on hand. You can also “wink” at your intended, if you wish, wish is something like a Facebook poke, but obviously, “poking” might not sound entirely appropriate on a dating and flirting application.

The previously mentioned user “points” are currency in the world of Skout. Most activities cost points to perform, but the point packs are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased or otherwise acquired by clicking into sponsoring partners links. With points, the user can also send gifts to users with whom they have interest. The “Look at Me” feature is a game where users can bid their points on a feature spot and increased visibility. “Shake to Chat” is a conversation started with random users, revealing the profiles after a few seconds.

In a world where people don’t like seeing their comments and likes permanently displayed for everyone to see, Skout’s commenting section is ephemeral—what is said, done, or liked is gone within a few moments. Users may also post in what is called “ghost mode,” or anonymously.

The use of Skout of spreading like wildfire with more than 40,000 new users signing up every day. However, despite the fact that Skout identifies as a dating app, most new users sign in to meet new friends rather than singles. Shout is a terrific extra platform, and users can stay logged in throughout the day, similar to Vine, Snapchat or Twitter. In fact, many users use Skout as they would text messaging. The Skout community has gained over 100 million downloads worldwide since its inception in 2010. It boasts the most active adult social network available. It encourages its users to engage with one another through commenting, gifting, and valuable in-app credits. With two separate communities for adults and for teens, it allows users to interact with complete strangers without fear.

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