Greg Secker: Investor & Philanthropist Uses His Success to Benefit Others

Greg Secker is the is an English businessman who has been recognized for his expertise in foreign exchange, and who has received media attention for the international education of financial trading. Greg Secker is also associated with Learn to Trade after making the switch from being interested in agriculture and food sciences to being interested in finances. Today, Secker has a great interest in Forex (foreign exchange trading) and has owned all kinds of investments from stocks to hedge funds. Secker has learned all about buying, selling, trading, and managing stocks strategically as well as helping other people do the same.

Greg Secker began working in finance in the mid-1990s, and when he was a trade technologist at the Thomas Cook Financial Services where he developed exchange trading systems. By age 25 Secker was the president of the Mellon Financial Corporation and was learning even more from big financial traders. In 2003, he retired from corporate work and became a full-time Forex stock trader by setting up his very own trading floor in his own house.

Greg Secker also decided that it was time to start giving back in 2010 when he created the Greg Secker Foundation. Greg felt that he was successful and had plenty of money, so why not do some philanthropic good for other people in the world who weren’t so fortunate? This prompted him to use the foundation to positively help improve the lives of people around the rest of the world. Secker donated money to help aid victims of Typhoon Yolanda when that disaster struck and he visited the Philippines and started the “Build A House, Build A Home” project that built over 100 permanent residences for the underprivileged in Lemery. In March 2017, Secker announced he was proud to be a member of the Ambassadors for City Philanthropy. Secker even made the list of the “Top 200 Most Influential Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs” of 2017.

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