Gustavo Martinez is Truly a Professional Marketer

Gustavo Martinez is someone who has built a career in marketing. He has worked on some of the most popular marketing campaigns. Many people look up to him in the marketing field because of the work he has been able to complete.

Gustavo Martinez has been a part of the top marketing firms in the world. He was Chief Executive Officer at J. Walter Thompson. He also helped clients at Henkel and Price Waterhouse. Now he is a marketing and advertising consultant who uses his experience to help business owners. He likes he is able to help businesses one on one and see their progression.

Gustavo Martinez has an interesting outlook on marketing and advertising. He looks at it like it is an artistic field to be in. Marketing is a creative process in which someone is trying to get a result. In marketing and advertising, creativity is incredibly important. Many times the response to a marketing campaign will be impacted by the creativity of the campaign and if it is able to elicit an emotion from potential customers.

Gustavo Martinez and UV Business Acceleration are helping startup companies to actually have profitability. Many startups are unsuccessful because they do not have the right information to market the business properly. Gustavo Martinez is able to help businesses both large and small stays in operation. Startups have a ninety-percent chance of failing. He focuses on technology, functionality, and analytics when working with his clients. By having someone like Gustavo Martinez helping them, business owners have a much better chance at being successful long term.

Gustavo Martinez is dedicated to helping his clients. He usually works ten to twelve hours per day. He usually begins his day with breakfast with his family. Then he responds to emails or anything else that needs attention. Gustavo Martinez is the leader in the business; however, he is committed to allowing his team to be a part of everything he does and getting their input. He enjoys getting ideas from the team because everyone has various perspectives. Sometimes a person may think of things a bit differently, and this can be very helpful in marketing and advertising. He likes having team members be a part of projects they are actually excited about. This helps them to be as creative as possible. Gustavo Martinez is definitely a marketer who understands what he is doing and the best ways to lead a team.


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