Gustavo Martinez – Renowned Marketing and Advertising Consultant shares his insights into success

For over 35 years, Gustavo Martinez has successfully built a well-known and well-respected name for himself in the marketing and advertising world. His innovation and creativity have launched many of his projects to become some of the most influential ads changing the pop culture all over the world. Martinez is passionate about what he does and believes that you can achieve anything you set your mind to, no matter how great the dream.


Marketing mindset


Throughout his years of experience in the marketing and advertising field, Martinez has acquired a unique and insightful view of what it takes to make it in this business. His generous and positive nature makes him happy to share his knowledge and wisdom with anyone who wishes to learn. He even has experience advising and guiding companies in their recruitment process for new hires.


When it comes to the marketing mindset, one of the things that makes it so different from other jobs is the way in which marketing and advertising combine the rigid structure of traditional business environments with open-minded creativity. In order to be successful, an individual requires a lot of independence in order to cultivate their creativity, but still be able to meet the demands of deadlines and time management. Gustavo Martinez also believes that while it is a natural tendency for people to ignore or deny their mistakes, it is far more beneficial to you and your business to actively seek out those mistakes and learn from them.


Employee to Entrepreneur


Gustavo Martinez now utilizes his creative marketing mind as a consultant for companies. This allows him to really give his clients personal attention and still remain hands-on to ensure the clients benefit from the best results. Before Martinez became a consultant, he held a number of positions at some of the most well-known firms in the world. He has put his many talents to use at Henkel and Price Waterhouse where he served some of their most elite clients. He held the position of President at both Olgilvy and Mather and McCann World Group. At J.Walter Thompson Worldwide Martinez was named Chief Executive Officer.


What the Future Holds


Marketing and Advertising have not kept pace with the advancement of technology according to Gustavo Martinez who believes there is still great power to be harnessed. The Internet of Things has holds incredible promise that has not been fully actualized. Martinez gives an example of a refrigerator that is able to detect when a person may need a snack or food item based on their past patterns and the time of day. The appliance could then suggest a specific food item or brand based on the preference patterns it has collected over time.


Charity and Generosity


Martinez is a firm believer in giving credit where credit is due. He hires and surrounds himself with the most talented people he can find and always gives credit to the members of his team where they are due. Martinez’s generosity extends beyond the confines of his profession, he also has a true heart for charity. Despite his career, Martinez genuinely believes that charity should never be used for personal status or professional advertising; that is not true charity. Martinez believes it should come from the heart and stem from a real desire to help others and give back. He believes that charity begins at home and should extend to your surrounding community.


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