Handy’s Co-Founders Focus on Strength, Having Seen Struggle

In the November Issue of Inc. Magazine, Jeff Bercovici talked to Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, the founders of Handy. Handy is a cleaning service that utilizes an app to obtain cleaners for a person’s home in areas such as Washington, D.C. and Miami. The business partners met at Harvard University’s Business School. They were roommates, along with another male. The three of them were a bit of opposites: one liked it super clean, one was middle ground, and the third a slob. The slob helped give the other two the idea, since they already knew they wanted to capitalize on the application for phones market. After all, this was the time that the Uber for everything had just begun.

It was also the time that venture capitalists were ready to make funding a larger priority. The recession was finally a thing of the past. In the same respect, the app market was a thing of, if not the current then definitely, the future. Hanrahan and Dua were easily able to get Venture Capitalists on board. The first one to offer help told them to “quit business school and focus on Handy.com”. So they did, and they raised a lot of funds. What happens when the market runs out? In 2015, they were in that position and hand to figure out their kinks in order to keep their business afloat. Adding robots where they could and using human interaction when needed and remembering not to get too big too fast was what brought this company from the red to the black. Will they ever seek venture capitalists again? They might, but the goal is to be from a position of strength.




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