HDIT/HCT Is the Next Therapeutic Option for Active Relapsing-remitting MS Patients

Dr Shiva Gopal Vasishta is a New Jersey based neurologist who specializes in psychiatry. Dr Shiva studied at the Government Medical College where he graduated in 1979. He is affiliated to Kennedy University Hospital and has been practising for the last 20 years and 38 years of expertise in Neurology. Dr Shiva has a practising license in New Jersey and is also a participant of the Medicare program.


New clinical research reports show that a high dose of immunosuppressive therapy and a transplant issued to the same patient afterward can induce a disease that attacks the patient’s ‘central nervous system’. 68% of the patients did not experience any progression of disability after receiving the treatment and consequently, did not take MS drugs after use of HDIT/HCT.


The HALT-MS research was sponsored by ‘The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease ‘and part of the National Institute of Health. The research was conducted by Immune Tolerance Network and published in December 2014. The results of the findings indicate that one time treatment is more effective than long-term treatment. Ms Symptoms vary but the most common one is ‘relapsing-remitting MS’. As per the findings, patients remain in remission five years after administration of the HDIT/HCT treatment, their MS stabilised and some even improved in physical mobility.


If similar results are found in other studies, HDIT/HCT might become a possible therapeutic option for patients who experience active relapsing-remitting MS especially if they do not respond to existing therapies.


This research was conducted by ITN for the award number AI109565 and was sponsored by NIAID that supports and conducts research at NIH mostly in United States and across the globe. The main area of focus for their research is the causes of immune-mediated diseases and developing better treatment and diagnosis for these diseases.

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