High Quality Real Estate Recycling

The development of unprofitable and unsafe urban communities in our large cities has, for some time, been a concern and an issue for debate. On the cutting edge of renewing lost and unused commercial real estate is Boraie Development. A visionary developer, Boraie Development has implemented a plan to recycle and renew dilapidated and unprofitable urban real estate. In New Brunswick, Boraie Development’s work in the urban community will result in an increase of high quality office space thereby drawing more businesses to the area. It will also provide a safe and more user-friendly cultural environment for its local residents and visitors. Both the upscale and the luxurious residential housing will attract professional tenants. Economically, it will increase the tax base for New Brunswick, which will benefit the city and all its residents

Conceived by Omar Boraie four decades ago, the New Brunswick project has been a long-term investment of time and collaboration. New Brunswick is a proto-type of a business community which meets all the social and economic needs of its residents and workforce. Those employed by the local businesses will benefit from the safe and upscale residential housing. Along with developing a strong employment and financial base for New Brunswick and its residents, the once neglected and unsafe neighborhoods of the urban community are now beautiful and provide both safe and upscale living conditions. Furthermore, the urban development has attracted cultural entertainment businesses, such as new theaters, which will be a way to attract tenants for the residential housing as well a means of attracting visitors to the area. The New Brunswick prototype of developing urban real estate into a self-sufficient business community is serving as an example to other cities, and development projects are being initiated. Such developments will help ensure the rebuilding and recycling of our urban communities..

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