Honey Birdette: They’re So Much More Than Toys

Many people in Australia are familiar with the brand of Honey Birdette. It is the country’s first sensual boutique. It’s where individuals and couples can go to buy toys for him and her, lubricants and even bondage items.

A new campaign has launched to show a more sensual side of Honey Birdette. The brand has a New York Collection for lingerie. It’s turning heads and exciting men and women alike. There are bras, thongs, and suspender sets that are showcasing women in an all new light.

The campaign uses New York City as the backdrop to show off women wearing the lingerie. Women atop of skyscrapers and on the streets hailing taxis show a global appeal for the lingerie. Of course, it’s all designed to get a rise out of people as the women are wearing the lingerie from the New York Collection.

Brittney, Miss D, Luna and Alex are the collections within the New York campaign. Each one features a different look, including sheer lace, revealing satin, suspender sets and much more.

Honey Birdette has come a long way over the years. They began in 2006 when two friends got the idea to start a sensual boutique as they were sipping champagne. The company is now known for offering beautiful lingerie, high=end toys and a wide array of other items to help deliver pleasure.

Many people know Honey Birdette for the toys that are offered on the site. With the introduction of the New York campaign, the world can now learn about the stunning lingerie.

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