How Entrepreneur Richard Liu Came To Establish A Highly Successful Venture Capitalist Firm

Not a lot of people can make the claim that they were once a dentist and then became a venture capitalist. Richard Liu can say so since he followed an unconventional path to professional success. Here is a look at how his professional career began and what it led to. In his youth, Richard Liu grew up in a family that was in the field of medicine. His mom was a community dentist and his dad was a respected ear, nose, and throat doctor. He decided that he wanted to be a dentist like his mother. To that end, he enrolled at the Harvard School of Dentistry.

He worked for five years as a dentist at Evergreen Dental Care in Newington, New Hampshire. Richard Liu enjoyed helping patients and had a great bedside manner. He performed simple tasks such as cleaning teeth and filling cavities. He also performed more advanced dental work like installing dental implants and doing crown restorations. Richard Liu really enjoyed investing on the side. He had invested in tech and consumer goods companies and had seen positive gains. He grew passionate enough about investing that he wanted to make that his financial investment career instead of dentistry.

Enrolling at MIT, he earned an MBA and jumped into the financial industry with both feet. Richard Liu learned a great deal at the two financial companies he worked for as an investment analyst, FTV Capital and CRT Capital. After this experience he confidently opened his own investment firm, Morningstar Venture Capital. He invests in companies that he sees as shaping the future of the global economy. This means companies industries like consumer services, technology, AI, and media. Richard Liu has built a financial firm that is now controlling $1.7 billion in assets. Having found resounding success in two industries sets Richard Liu apart from his peer.

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