How Fabletics Is Staying Ahead In the Women Sportswear Market

Women are often left with two options when choosing the athletic-wear they need to buy. These options are either fashionable or affordable. Looking at this now, it is quick to notice that the women’s sportswear has long had a significant gap between functionality and fashion. In 2010, when the consumption of women’s active sportswear reached its peak, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg co-founded Fabletics. When they established this company, their primary objective was to meet the demands that the women required, so they developed their unique niche. Fabletics has been providing Women from all over the world with functional and affordable activewear. They’ve taken their business to higher levels by offering fashionable sportswear, a niche market that other players in the sector had been ignoring.

Adam and Don teamed up and revolutionized the industry in a rather ingenious method; instead of focusing on the current market needs, Fabletics concentrated their efforts on the creation of Sportswear women have always wanted. Through consumer tests, Fabletics was able to interview women and other focus groups. By the end of this, it was a consensus that the sportswear market was facing the same problems across the board. Some of the issues that were addressed are the fact that designers and key industry players had been long producing sportswear that was expensive, garnish and at times Ill-fitting. To further compile on these issues, most of the clothing created for the women market had dismal quality. When a person would finally put together an outfit matching their tastes and requirements, they’d almost always end up spending a fortune on them.

What sets Fabletics aside from most of its competitors is the fact that they have a tremendous online presence together with strong support from the grassroots. Fabletics was able to use Kate Hudson’s exemplary communication skills and charisma to market themselves online at the right time successfully. The success of their online marketing surpassed expectations as Fabletics outperformed most companies using traditional retail marketing strategies. Other than unique marketing that addressed various niche markets, Fabletics developed a creative discount system that has an appeal to the company’s clients. All this is evident when looking at the fact that Fabletics VIP costs only $50 each month.

Clients who subscribe to the VIP service often receive tailor-made services and discounted clothing prices. The company also provides free shipping and reward points for purchases to their clients accepted as VIP members.

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