How Grupo RBS Became A Brazilian Media Juggernaut

Grupo RBS is a media conglomerate with over six decades of experience in Brazil, with this enabling the firm to become one of the largest such organizations in the country. Though the company owns a variety of subsidiaries, its overall employee base of over 6,000 people makes it the second-largest communications company in the country. Since being founded, the firm has grown to include dozens of affiliate businesses across all media niches, including radio, television, newspapers, and online media portals.


This expansion has allowed Grupo RBS to operate 24 radio stations, two local TV stations, 12 national television outlets, and eight newspapers, as well as several online media networks. The majority of the firm’s digital work is done through its e.Bricks Digital subsidiary, which has operations across mobile and digital niches, with many of these being demographic-specific. The company was founded by Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho, who had several years of experience in the media industry before establishing the firm.


In the years following this, Grupo RBS opened a variety of outlets across several mediums, including TV Gaúcha and the regional TV Caxias station. Following this, the firm continued to expand across other communications fields, with much of this being done through a variety of investments. Among the first of these was the purchase of Zero Hora, a newspaper, with an expansion into radio coming several years later.


In the decades that followed, Grupo RBS would continue growing by investing in, or outright purchasing, quite a large number of other outlets, including radio station Rádio Farroupilha AM, Rádio Atlântida FM, and much more. Throughout this time, it also established a variety of its own media outlets, with these going on to achieve a considerable amount of success. In recent years, the firm has continued to take advantage of technological trends and established several online news portals. To know more about RBS visit


Throughout this time, RBS would be involved in a variety of philanthropic causes, with these being spread among a wide range of areas. Some of the more notable sectors that the Brazilian media giant would be involved in include drug abuse prevention, child protection, and road safety, among others.,297812.jhtml

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