How MAGFAST Plans To Change The Phone Charging Industry

Many people find themselves frustrated by the lack of durability in regards to their phone chargers. Perhaps you are one of those people who are consistently irritated due to the fact that your charger repeatedly breaks. That’s why companies are striving to create new options that clear up the state of inconsistent chargers.

Wireless Chargers Are The Future

Many people note that there are simply too many chargers on the market today. Industry analysts point out that there are several qualities that consumers are looking for in a charger. They want a charger that is lightweight and versatile enough to fit anywhere. They want a charger with speed charging capabilities and they want chargers that are multi-compatible. Analysts also point out that wireless chargers are the future of the industry. Qi is known as the standard for wireless charging technology. Today, manufacturers across the globe are using Qi to offer their customers wireless charging capabilities in their updated devices.


One of the newest companies on the market is MAGFAST. MAGFAST was created through a crowdfunding campaign. The company quickly reached its financial objective, which was seen by many as a sign that the demand was high for a new charging solution. MAGFAST Chargers are designed to cover every situation. The company also says that the phone charges will be quick and efficient. MAGFAST Chargers allow people to connect multiple devices and charge them without wires hanging around. MAGFAST seeks to change the charging industry for good. The MAGFAST Life Extreme is a portable charger that is powerful enough to boost an automobile. The MAGFAST Air is a stand that is versatile enough to stand alone or fit into a power bank.

MAGFAST CEO Seymour Segnit

MAGFAST Chief Executive Officer Seymour Segnit studied engineering at Oxford University. Before founding the company, Segnit worked for Ogilvy & Mather. Segnit says that MAGFAST is an eco-friendly company.


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