How to Maintain your Air Conditioning System

Goettl Air Conditioning is an institution based in Las Vegas. Gust and Adam Goettl originally founded the company in 1939. The organization moved to Las Vegas Valley in the year 1968. However, due to the great recession, it was forced to move to Nevada in 2007. Kenneth Goodrich, the current president, and chief executive officer purchased the organization in 2013. In April this year, Kenneth Goodrich opened a branch of the company in Las Vegas.

The air conditioning company moved to Phoenix for several reasons. First of all, air conditioning services in this areas are considered to be a life support system, not just a luxury. The temperatures in this region can go very high, and without a reliable cooling system, it ‘s hard for people to survive. If you want to ensure that your family stays comfortable follow this these tips from Goettl Air Conditioning:

Check the filters regularly
It is paramount to check your filters now and then. A clogged filter will reduce the airflow in your heating and cooling system, and it will minimize the output of your system. The restricted air flow will restrain the system, and this will increase the chances of failure.

Close draperies
Goettl experts say that you should keep blinds and draperies closed all the time. By doing this, you will keep out the direct sun from your house.

Always mind your gadgets
If you want to save some energy and money, minimize the use of the heat producing appliances such as dishwashers, dryers, and ovens during the hot seasons. You can choose to rely on the microwave for all the cooking, and if possible, you can grill outside the house.

Use programmable devices
It is always advisable to install a thermostat that is programmable. This will enable you to raise the temperatures or reduce them when you are away.

Let the experts maintain your air conditioning system. (Goettl)
An air conditioning system must be maintained regularly so that it can function at its peak and also serve you for a long time. The experts say that you should give the system an excellent service twice every year. One of the services should be done in the spring to prepare the system for the cooling season. During the fall, the system should also be checked to prepare for the heating season. The service should be done by the professionals so that it serves you for a long time.

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