How Visual Search Technology is Changing the World

When the Internet came, it brought with it the ability for people to search for anything they want. However, their ability to find what they were looking for was more or less limited because they had to use words.

Fortunately, more advancements were made to online technology so that people could search for items with the use of images. Visual search technology makes it easier for people to find what they are looking for.

With visual search, people could use an image of something that they saw in real life or on a magazine among other sources in order to find where this item is sold in case they want to buy it. They can also easily find similar items and possibly even better items.   One form of visual search technology is Slyce.

Slyce has proven to be very innovative and has even signed up with a few retailers. Every retailer that it has signed up with has seen an increase in sales because people have a better idea of what they want thanks to the visual search technology that is provided by Slyce.

Another thing is that the technology that uses this also uses deep learning techniques which is modeled after the human brain –

According to Techrunch, Visual search makes it a lot easier for people to find the items that they want. It is also very helpful for businesses because humans are visual creatures. One has to actually see the item.

Also, if people had to read the description in order to get an idea of the type of item that they are buying, they will likely become discouraged.

With visual search in search engines, more businesses will be able to make money because people will know where to look for a certain item that catches their eyes. The technology could be available for different devices such as smartphones and tablets.


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