How You Can Become an Effective Leader like Jeffry Schneider

Businesspeople and entrepreneurs can teach us all something about leadership. People like Jeffry Schneider must know how it works. How else do you explain the enviable success he has had in his life?

Organizations need experienced leaders like Jeffry Schneider who can offer a sense of safety in an increasingly uncertain world. But what is leadership? What makes a leader effective?

Leadership and Effective Leaders

Leadership is the ability to motivate and inspire others to achieve a common objective. Effective leaders empower people to be the best they can. Productivity goes up, and success becomes a reality. Good leaders have certain qualities that make them achieve the kind of results they produce. Here are a few of those qualities:

High Ethical and Moral Standards

Most good leaders hold themselves to high ethical and moral standards. A study has shown that 67 percent of leaders believe this quality to be the most important in leadership. The quality helps a leader create a safe and trusting environment.

Such a leader comes across as a person who has committed to fairness and honesty. With such a leader people are confident they have someone who will honor the rules. And they are highly likely to emulate him or her.

Good Leaders Empower Others

Effective leaders provide clear direction while allowing their people to organize their work and time without interference. Leaders know they cannot do everything alone. They have no problem delegating to others around them. Jeffry Schneider understands the importance of organizational power distribution all too well. He continues to empower and nurture the more than 55 professionals with whom he shares his life in the investment world.

Research supports empowering others. Many studies have shown that empowered teams tend to be more proactive and productive. Additionally, they serve the organization’s customers better. Moreover, empowered workers demonstrate greater commitment to their organizations. What is more, researchers find that such employees enjoy higher job satisfaction.

Open to New Ideas

Effective leaders believe great ideas can come from anyone within the organization. They know that top management may not have all the answers. Great leaders are always learning and encouraging their people to improve themselves continually.

They create an environment where people can share ideas. As a result, a diversity of ideas and new ways of doing things emerges. Great ideas and methods can help a company stay well ahead of the competition.

Jeffry Schneider has traveled to numerous places around the world. He likes meeting new people in foreign lands whose culture and ideas are different than his. Maybe this is what makes him more receptive to other people’s ideas.

Jeffry Schneider


Great Leaders Want Others to Grow

A study has shown that people want leaders who care about employees’ growth and development. Effective leaders are forward-looking. They realize they will not be around forever.

They, therefore, start organizing the development of the next generation of leaders. They nurture tomorrow’s leaders knowing that challenges are ever-present. They know that their organization’s future survival is dependent upon the quality of leadership of their successors.

When leaders show genuine interest in the growth of their people, reciprocity is almost certain. Supported employees are likely to express their loyalty and gratitude by working harder. There are many people today who credit their success to Jeffry Schneider’s benevolence.

Many people wonder whether leaders are born or made. Leaders are certainly born, and the best ones like Jeffry Schneider can make leaders of others. The world gravitates to an increasingly complex and uncertain future. With leaders having high moral and ethical standards, who empower others, who listen and nurture talent, the world is in safe hands.


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