Human Resource Manager Brian Bonar Is Honored By The Cambridge Who’s Who

Corporations can’t return to the good old days when employees stayed around until they retired. Change is the word of the day in the current workforce. Employees are moving from company to company more now than ever before, and corporations are having a difficult time keeping their employees happy. Technology has also been a major factor in the way employees look at their jobs. The 2008 recession did more to hurt the image of workers than any other event in recent history. Corporations are faced with an enormous challenge, and many of those companies are turning to Dalrada Financial Corporation for help. The reason corporations are enlisting the help of Dalrada to solve their human resource issues is easily explained. Brian Bonar is the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada and his reputation is well known across the country. The San Diego entrepreneur is considered one of the best human resource managers in the country, and Dalrada Financial Corporation is Bonar’s baby.

Bonar told recently that corporations have to do more with less. Bonar explained that Dalrada Financial helps companies do more with less by redefining responsibilities and staff roles. Brian Bonar also said that companies are changing their systems and redefining the services they offer to employees and their customers. Employees like to make quick decisions, but those decisions have to conform to the corporate mentality, and the two don’t always jive, according to Bonar. The need for a flexible, clean and open work environment is essential today, and Dalrada Financial helps clients reorganize to achieve their human resource and financial goals.

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All About Brian Bonar, Leader and Executive

Brian Bonar –

The Cambridge Who’s Who recently honored Bonar by naming him one of the four people across the country that meet the requirements of the Cambridge Who’s Who achievement honor. Two women and two men are honored every year for displaying character, integrity and the desire to go one step beyond the norm to reach their goals. Bonar is considered a prime example of an honoree. The San Diego-based Bonar has done a lot for corporations that need human resource expertise, but he has also helped the city of San Diego become a leading tourist attraction. Bonar recently made a dent in the restaurant community in San Diego by opening a French Bistro in a town that thrives on Mexican cuisine. Bonar also plans to open an entertainment venue not far from Old Town, and that will also change the face of the city.

Brian Bonar has accomplished a great deal in the 30 plus years he has been involved in the human resource and financial industry, but he considers his charitable work his greatest achievement and the people of San Diego agree with him. 

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