Iconic Albums that Changed Music Forever

There are lots of good albums in the world today. Every album doesn’t make a statement though. The Rolling Stone staff researched and traced the the most daring albums that changed music forever.

Mary J. Blige is still relevant after all these years, and her staying power can be traced back to her “What’s the 411?” album. It was hip hop infused R&B that had not been done before. Today the fusion of the 2 genres is so common that it all seems like one genre. Mary J. Blige is the one that we have to thank for that. Her music explored a different level of R&B that was unlike anything else that was out there.

“In the Wee Small Hours” by Frank Sinatra was another game changer. There are acts that like to impersonate Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack because the sound is timeless. He has this smooth but rugged way to showing off his vocal ability. Rolling Stone has even contributed this album to influencing artists like Drake. It was this ballad style that was drenched in coolness that made the ladies drool.

Isaac Hayes also extended a hand to changing the way that we heard music. Gianfrancesco Genoso can remember hearing him at an early age. This is an interesting choice for Rolling Stone because Al Green is better known for the Memphis Soul sound. It may be argued, however, that Isaac Hayes that actually perfected it with “Hot Buttered Soul.”

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