Innovative Healthcare: Meet Maggie Gill

Innovation and forward thinking drive Memorial Health’s CEO Maggie Gill.

Maggie Hill worked her way to the top of Memorial Health’s leadership ladder. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree from Florida State University and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Saint Leo University, Gill became Memorial’s Vice President of Finance in 2004. One year later she was promoted to Chief Operating Officer. When Memorial Health needed someone to take the reins in 2011, Gill became the Chief Executive Officer.

Responsible for the leadership of all vice presidents and physician leaders at Memorial Health, Gill is accountable for government and physician relations, internal auditing, financial assistance programs, communications, multiple hospital programs, and trauma services.

Reductions in government reimbursement and an increased inability for patient’s to meet out of pocket costs have resulted in decreased revenues for healthcare systems (Skutch, 2016). Staying in business, even for a non-profit hospital, has become difficult. In order to be successful, Gill and Memorial Health focus on health, wellness and prevention (southmag, 2016).

While her tenure has not been without struggle, Gill has led the Memorial Health team to noteworthy success. They received 7 Health Care Hero Awards from the Georgia Medical Society this year. Awards included innovation, education, community outreach (2), infectious disease response, and a pair of physician lifetime achievement awards (, 2016).

Gill faces the same struggles that hospital CEO’s across the country are combating. Maintaining revenue that meets costs in a time of financial crisis in healthcare is a daunting task. However, Gill’s progressive and unique approach to care may be the winning play. Reducing healthcare costs through wellness and prevention initially sounds as though it may negatively effect a hospitals bottom line. However, routine and emergency services will still be needed. Duplicate and unnecessary testing should be reduced. Revenue lost by way of poor communication and confusion should be reduced. Most importantly, the community should be healthier.

An innovative and unique approach. An approach that Maggie Gill will implement at Memorial Health.


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