Insight on Ricardo Guimarães of Banco BMG

Ricardo Guimarães is a privileged individual who was born in a very powerful and richest family in Brazil. His grandfather Pentagma Guimarães founded Banco BMG, as Land Credit bank more than 80 years ago, and today, the bank is one of the largest financial institutions across Brazil. Ricardo Guimarães serves as the president of BMG since 1998 and has played a critical role of transforming and restructuring it in order to meet the demands of clients in the market. Ricardo is recognized as an individual with great talents, hardworking and an innovator.
Under the leadership of Ricardo Guimarães, BMG adopted a new strategy that made it to emerge as a leader in payroll loans in Brazil. The bank relies on its small but highly efficient team of professionals with consultants all over Brazil, to reach to employees working for the government as well as those working in the private sector. The strategy of BMG is to provide loans at low interest rates to clients whose rate of default is very low. As such, the bank is almost 100 percent certain that all their clients will repay their full loans on schedule.
This strategy of the bank initiated by Ricardo Guimarães made the bank the leader in the financial industry. In addition, the entrepreneur has been sponsoring sports activities, especially football, where BMG has been sponsoring a number of football teams in Brazil. Today, BMG is one of the largest sponsors of football, especially teams playing in the league. Ricardo Guimarães is a fanatic supporter of Clube Atletico Mineiro, although he stressed that BMG as an entity does not root for any team. Indeed, BMG offer sponsorship to other teams that compete with Atletico, revealing that the company doesn’t root for the club.
Through these sponsorship activities initiated by Ricardo Guimarães, BMG is able to receive excellent returns from the investment. The objective of the bank through these sponsorship is to market its products and also for advertisement. The three letters of BMG are printed on players’ shirts in a visible color to make fans know that BMG is sponsoring their teams. Besides sponsoring teams, Ricardo Guimarães once served as the president of Atletico club for five years, and even today he is highly respected for the role he played at the club during his tenure.
When Ricardo Guimarães was serving as the president of the club, he was very committed to his responsibilities to an extent sponsoring the team from his own pocket money. For this reason, the board and the fans respect Ricardo Guimarães for what he did for the club. In fact, he served as the president of the club for a term of five years. Info was found on Noticias R7.

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