Investment Tips As Revealed By Sam Tabar

At the beginning of each year plan their financial resolutions for that coming year. But the world of investments and securities is quite complex. Hence it can get overwhelming for those who are new to this world.

According to Bloomberg, Sam Tabar is a trained attorney from Columbia Law School. He is a capital strategist too. He is always trying to help out those newcomers who are looking at increasing their net worth as well as planning for their retirement. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

He advised that commodity trading can be much riskier as compared to traditional bets that include mutual funds besides others. This is because commodity markets are much more volatile as compared to stock markets or even mutual funds.

This means that investors must do their due diligence before they decide to invest in commodities. Hence commodity trading is not recommended for the novice or the casual investor.

A lot of research is required in order to profit from commodity trading. This also means that commodity investors must have deep pockets in order to absorb potential short-term losses that are usually taking place in a volatile sector like this.

He also provides an alternate to traditional stock markets. This can be in terms of investing in private business. Today social entrepreneurship is rising. Hence investing in social startups can be a really good opportunity. It helps in making some money as well as helping out others.

He has recently invested in THINX, which is a women’s undergarment manufacturer. For each pair of underwear getting sold by THINX, seven sanitary cloth pads are donated to AFRIpads. They are donating these sanitary supplies to the needy women in Africa.

He also stresses on the need of a properly diversified portfolio. This is because new investors tend to opt for some new investment vehicle or some stock that may be outperforming its peers presently. What needs to be remembered here is that all good things have to come to an end. Hence it is important not to keep all eggs in one basket. Sam Tabar advises all to start investing right now rather than repenting later.

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