Is There A Method To Eric Pulier’s Madness?

Like the old saying goes, “great minds think alike” certainly rings true when talking about certain individuals. If you are the kind of person who views technology for practical reasons instead of just a more glamorous way of entertainment then you have something in common with Eric Pulier. Eric Pulier is a gentleman that possess’ a long list of achievements thanks to advanced technology. His creative mind and brilliant way of thinking can’t be denied as he’s resolved numerous issues across a broad range of fields. As a child he always seem to have that edge when it came to creativity, but who knew this guy would grow up to be a true entrepreneur with an extensive technological background.

Eric Pulier started his college career at the prestigious Harvard University where he majored in English/American Literature. During this busy time he would also attend classes at neighboring (MIT). The guy just seem to be able to get this done despite his shortened time schedule. He even wrote columns for the Harvard Crimson publication in which is was one of it’s editors. By 1988 Eric Pulier had graduated magna cum laude and two years later he would take his talents to The City of Angeles. One of his first founded companies was by the name of (PDT) People Doing Things. This company was “heaven sent” as it used advanced technology to resolve problems within education as well as healthcare. Pulier was making a name for himself in no time, but did you know that this brilliant thinker has founded up to 15 companies? These companies include Digital Evolution, Service Mesh Inc, FLY, Starbright World, XPRIZE, Media Platform Inc, Akana Software, and more.

Eric Pulier done other remarkable things such as being the winner of numerous philanthropic awards, participated in Vice President Al Gore’s Healthcare/Technology Exhibit, as well build the “Bridge For The 21st Century” platform which hosted President Bill Clinton’s 2nd Term in office. This is basically a resume of excellence and the will only get stronger in the following years to come.

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