J. Cole Digs Deeps on New Album

J.Cole is a rapper that has been known for his conscious frame of mind. Even during his mix tape days he was known to be less of a party rapper and more of a rapper with a serious message. His new album carries more of the same from a rapper that shares his perspective on family, fame and fortune. 

J. Cole made a big splash by releasing an album without any promotion. He depended on the loyalty of his fans and the social media community to have his back. Fans like Bruce Levenson have been pursuing the music, and they are not disappointed. J.Cole doesn’t hold anything back on the tracks from “2014 Forest Hills.”

On his previous disc J.Cole talked about his brother that was in jail. He talked about how things were changing since he had a record deal. Many people have compared him to Nas because he has incredible storytelling abilities. This is someone that raps like he has a message to spread. He have never been out to simply make a party record. 

He raps about the recent incidents in Ferguson and New York City. He lends his voice to the struggle of the young black man and the unfairness of the justice system. He even talks about this selfish behavior during this early years in rap. Cole is apologetic to his mother. This album proves that he truly has something to say.

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