Jacob Gottlieb early life

Jacob Gottlieb may not be known to many people in the country today, but he is one of the people who has had great careers In the Wall Street. To understand how he became a significant figure in trading, we need to look at his life story from the start. Jacob Gottlieb was born in New York by parents who had immigrated to the United States in the 1960s. His parents were professionals in different careers. His mother was a pediatrician while the father was a professor of economics. The parent had a huge influence on who Gottlieb would become later when he grew up. He admired the professions of his parents, and as he grew up, he held both close to his heart and mind. He wanted to taste both sides of the profession.

At grade 7, Jacob Gotlieb had already learned the art of trading. He won a trading completion held in his school showing that he was ready to follow the steps of his father who was a brilliant economist. His father was excited by the achievement and even opened an investment trading account that he could use for practice. Gottlieb grew up knowing exactly what he wanted. He worked very hard to realize his dreams.

After completing secondary education, he proceeded to the university where he now got an opportunity to practice both careers. He joined the Brown University and graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Economics. He then proceeded to the University of New York where he graduated with a Doctor of Medicine. Basically, Gottlieb was a doctor and an economist after following his parents’ paths. He worked at St. Vincent’s Hospital for a short while as an intern. His calling was nor serving in the hospitals. He decided to move on. He joined Wall Street and became a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Jacob Gottlieb made his first entry into the Wall Street in 1998. He was hired by a firm known as Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. This is a firm that had both aspects of his career. There was the economics part and the healthcare aspect as well. He worked with this firm for a while and then switched to another firm where he also did not stay for a long time. It was called Merlin Biomed Group. Just like the first one, he had an opportunity of working in his favorite industries. His breakthrough finally came after he joined a firm known as Balyasny Asset Management.

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