Jaime Garcia Dias – Author, Teacher, Artist

Growing up in Rio De Janero, author Jaime Gacia Dias who can be found on CrunchBase, began his career early, writing his first novel at the ripe age of 15. He has since gone on to write 20 novels throughout his career, including: “Fell From Heaven”, “Clouds”, “Tiny”, “Canal”, “Two Ways” – all of which were award winning stories. Now 45, he has developed into one of Brazil’s most foremost pioneers in literature, having won many awards, including his latest, the ABC Award of Brazil Literature Prize.

His mother, notable architect Garcia Dulce Dias and father, Arnaldo Dias, who is also a writer, receives much of the credit from Jaime for his career. Jaime also drew inspiration from famed Brazilian Author Jorge Amado, whose works include: “Captains of the Sands”, “Donna, Flor and Her Two Husbands”, and “Gabriella, Clove and Cinammon”.

Though, Jaime’s contributions to literature do not lie solely in the written word – as he was for some time at the Carioca Literature Academy, a teacher of literature, and for five years taught young men and women new techniques and methods of study. Fostering, undoubtedly, a new generation of young artists and writers. As he rose through the administration, eventually becoming vice president of the school, he still, however, continued writing, publishing ten books by the time he turned 30. And in 2001, his book, “Fell From Heaven”, won The White Crane – a prestigious South American award for literature. Continuing his own contributions to the world of literature, while simultaneously tutoring his eventual heirs.

At 45, his career continues onward, still developing his craft and entertaining and enlightening the world around him with his own unique voice on Twitter. In 2010, Jaime began writing for a journal, in which he published chapters often. The journal “Wise, The Journal of Brazil”, was dedicated to his father, the man who started him on the journey through the wold of literature all of those years ago, a journey that Jaime has explored to its fullest of potentials, and will continue to do so. A great writer, a great teacher, and a great artist, Jaime Gacia Dias is a treasure to the people of South America and to the world abroad, and will continue to be so, hopefully, for many years to come. Till the release of his next book, we recommend reading his journal and his already published works. There’s a great body of work within them.

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