James Dondero on Moving Fast

James Dondero is a very driven individual. This aspect of being driven is evidenced in the way that James Dondero has moved quickly from working with others as a part of a different firm (or few) to forming his own firm within the fast paced world of finance. James Dondero has quite a few years of experience within the finance sector and has been running his own financial firm since 1993. The investment firm, Highland Capital Management is known in many different regions and has witnessed significant growth over the past decade or so. The firm takes part in the alternative credit management sector in the booming nation that is the United States but also in places such as South Korea and more. Read more about James Dondero at Wikipedia.com.

James Dondero knows that moving forward in a strategic and effective manner in business is certainly key to success. As such, James Dondero lives by a few principles and sticks to them on a regular basis.

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One of these principles is that of the idea of working those individuals who are interested in growth. Professionals who are interested in growth will read, communicate, and elevate themselves and others. The regular upgrades of each individual will help to upgrade an overall firm over time. People need autonomy and space to become strong and smart, they also need to have good feedback loops to make the right decisions. People with enough autonomy but no resources won’t be as effective, as such, positive feedback and resources are key to progress and overall growth. Visit jimdondero.com to know more about him.

Furthermore, one will find that proper systems and tools will also help to provide leverage in growth.

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