Jay Leno on Bill Cosby


It is no secret Jay Leno is outspoken. He recently put in his comments on the whole Bill Cosby situation. He is quoted saying that “I do not know why it is so hard to believe women. In Saudi Arabia it takes two women to testify against one man, here it takes 25”. His remarks are about the issue that Bill Cosby has had several women speaking out against him yet there is still doubt whether he is truly a bad guy. He has already had shows cancelled, his alma mater revoked, and more than anything, his reputation tarnished in his old age. The reason his situation is such a big deal is not just because he is famous but because it represents how women do not get the proper voice they deserve. The thing is, we can not say whether these women are telling the truth. Some may be going for the money, some have been famous and kept completely silent for years, and so on which does make it hard to believe but we can not discredit what they have to say that easily. Imagine if what they accuse happened had happened to us. We would have a completely different tune and hope that we would not have to prove ourselves so much and could have more respect and support. Either way, these allegations have made fans, like Sergio Andrade Gutierrez and countless others, turn their back on the once famed performer. Cosby’s career has been tarnished deeply.

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