Jeremy Goldstein Makes Clients Feel Comfortable In A Less Formal Setting

The legal system tends to be formal and dry but corporate lawyer Jeremy Goldstein tries to approach his practice at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates in a different way. The informal approach that he takes when it comes to his clients leaves a lot more room for innovation. He frequently goes to different social engagements with his clients in order to get to know them better in an environment that isn’t so formal. When he got in the legal field, he knew he wanted a career that fit him personally as well as professionally. Jeremy Goldstein believes that this approach has helped him in his business in a significant way.


When Jeremy Goldstein first started in his corporate law career, he admits that he was nervous and had a great deal of self-doubt towards his ability to succeed. the doubt that he was having was based on personal bias and not a reflection of the actual situation at hand. When he wants to get past the self-doubt, he tries to consider all of the tools that he has at his disposal to approach the issue. It’s a difficult hurdle to get over, but it is something that has to be done if you want to make it in any field that you choose. Sometimes negative feelings happen and it’s important to deal with them and row from them instead of just ignoring the problem and allowing it to get worse.


Attracting clients is much easier for Jeremy Goldstein today than it was in the past because he has built a strong reputation over the years in corporate law and has an impressive track record that people feel secure with. He was able to attract his first client through a legal referral service but now much of his business is found through word of mouth as past clients want to tell others about the positive experiences that they have had with the firm. While attracting clients is important, it’s just as important to make sure that you attract the right ones. If a firm takes on a bad client, it can reflect badly on their business and some people will choose to not work with them any longer due to the associations.


He believes the success that he has had in law is partially due to his unique perspective. Jeremy Goldstein has a wide range of knowledge when it comes to professional relationships, business, and law and he is able to apply it all to the work that he does every single day with his firm. He is able to figure out some difficult problems by applying his perspective to it.


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