Jeremy Goldstein On Building Relationship In The Legal World

Being a lawyer is not only about being able to understand laws and the courtroom, but understanding clients by really getting to know them. The lawyers who know take an active interest in their clients and get to know them, end up being the most successful in the industry. This comes from a genuine interest in people and a desire to help others.


New York attorney Jeremy Goldstein is proficient at everything in the realm of law. With over 20 years experience, he truly understands most issues that pertain to executive compensation matters and such. He earned his law degree from the New York University School of Law. He is also the founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates in New York City. This private law firm was founded in June 2014. This law firm has accomplished quite a lot in the five years it has been open.


In addition to creating his own business, Jeremy has worked with big corporations like J.P. Morgan Chase and Company, AT&T Corporation, Sears and Kmart, and many more. He helped them settle the biggest acquisitions of the past 10 years. This led to some pretty incredible positions for Jeremy Goldstein. The American Bar Association’s business sector named him the chairperson of the Merger and Acquisitions subcommittee.


Before earning a law degree, Jeremy earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Cornell University. Not only did he earn a degree, but a distinction in all subjects. Applying himself to the process really paid off. This would not be the end of his education. Mr. Goldstein continued on to earn his Master of Arts degree from another college called the University of Chicago. As an attorney, most of his income comes from helping companies and CEO’s as a legal consultant. Jeremy provides them with insight, information, and more to help them make important career decisions in their lives.


Most professional take a very cut and dry approach to their clients. This was not for Jeremy, so he decided to do things differently. He takes a very informal approach, getting to know clients and building good relationships with them through social engagements. This creates more of a trusting relationship, so they come to him first with any legal issues they need help with. Like every entrepreneur and business person, everyone has their own doubts about their career. Jeremy Goldstein includes himself in their scenario. What does he do to overcome doubt? He focuses on problem solving and uses the tools he has to do so. Looking back on his career, the successful businessman remembers his first client. This client came from a referral, via a legal network. Referrals area great way to get new clients Jeremy says.


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