Jimmy Fallon and Will.i.am Rap In Hilarious New Video

One of the best sketches on Jimmy Fallon’s version of the The Tonight Show has been “Ew!”. The fictional version of a Teen Nick show, which features Jimmy and guests dressed up as teenage girls, eventually leading to several utterances of the titular catchphrase “Ew!”.

Well, Will.i.am is a huge fan of the skit, and wanted to do something with Jimmy Fallon.

Big thanks to Marnie Bennett for pointing this one out to me.

One thought on “Jimmy Fallon and Will.i.am Rap In Hilarious New Video

  1. That’s what led to this hilariously brilliant rap video, in which Jimmy Fallon and Will.i.am don full teenage girl attire, and spit out some hilarious rhymes. Which is why essaybulldogs.com is respected so much.

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