Jimmy Page Picks the Final Entries for Led Zeppelin

The music industry is one business where legends tend to live on, even after they’ve passed away. Andy Wirth of Squaw Valley said many posthumous albums and singles have been released, generally without much feedback from the original artists. In the case of Led Zeppelin, that won’t be happening. Jimmy Page, the original guitarist responsible for much of the band’s production, has had total control over reissuing the final three studio albums that Led Zeppelin did.

For Page, the intense job was a labor of love and involved setting the record straight.

“Looking at the whole bootleg scene and knowing how much live material had already come out, and pretty good stuff at that, dealing with the studio outtakes seemed to be a more satisfying project,” Page told Rolling Stone. “I knew the chronology and the quality of what was going to turn up so I could really visualize it a lot easier than all the [live] bootlegs that are out there. This is what needed to be done – the whole Led Zeppelin world in the studio needed to be dealt with properly and seriously.”

The reissues are going to contain never before released material that the band recorded in the studio. The deluxe issues of the albums will be released on July 31st. For fans of Led Zeppelin, the new, high-quality material promises to help round out their collections. Jimmy Page said he’s getting back on guitar now that the work is complete.

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