Jon Urbana Has More Flair Than Beyonce, Say His Twitter Followers

Jon Urbana is an inspiring human being. He is the founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp which is a youth lacrosse camp located in Colorado that is dedicated to refine the specific skill sets that each player has in their position. The kids that participate in the camp get instruction from top coaches and also some of the best professional players. Jon Urbana played lacrosse on the college level where he gained honors as an All-American defensive player at Villanova University. He took this passion and developed it into a way to help others and inspire kids to achieve their goals and develop their talents.

Jon Urbana lives his life pursuing his passions and inspiring others to do the same. Besides lacrosse, Jon is an avid photography, musician, pilot, and business entrepreneur. He shares his passions and talents through most of the common social media platforms and is a must follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Photography is something that many of us take part in because of the access to great digital technology, but it takes an eye to capture special moments in time and skill to do it with the right lighting and angles. Jon’s Twitter history shows that he has a great eye for snapping beautiful pictures of everything to do with nature, the animal kingdom, and humanity. His Instagram account will give you a great idea of what some of his work is about.

Music is also a passion for Jon Urbana and he has a wonderful ear for remixing in a new age and electronic sound. His tracks some of which are even originals can be followed on his SoundCloud account where he is starting to gain quite a following of enthusiasts of his work.

Publishing unique video is also something that we can enjoy from Jon Urbana. His Vimeo channel is full of great high quality video’s showing some of Jon’s interests and adventures. His channel page is a great place to also find links to everything Jon does online.

Living a life to it’s fullest potential is something we all aspire to achieve. Jon Urbana is a man that puts himself out there for everyone to see and he does so with the effort of helping others and giving back to his community.

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