Jon Urbana’s WordPress Professional and Artistic Achievements

Jon Urbana is a well known person for his high profile career and diverse artistic interests. He was very successful in Lacrosse as a defense player and now owns Next Level Lacrosse Camp, one of America’s most popular lacrosse camps. He lives in Denver his childhood home ( and majored in economics at Villanova University. Urbana’s interests include entrepreneurship, music, photography, aviation (more details here), videos and philanthropy.

Social media Presence

Urbana interests and activities are well detailed in his blog post ( He is active in various social media platforms such as Instagram, twitter (,) Facebook ( and Pinterest. He also has LinkedIn account that contains a well briefed resume of his professional life. As an active proponent of the environment, Urbana was recently featured on WRCB TV.

Jon Urbana’s Photography Interest

Urbana’s photography entails breathtaking views of nature and different culinary styles. His photography is uploaded on his Instagram account, his blog post and other social media accounts. His recent photos which can be viewed in his blog ( include a cookie and milk magic photo which depicts a traditional popular dessert, chocolate dropping in milk and a picture depicting a magical view of a Beira mar restaurante.


Urbana has various accounts with Soundcloud and MTV where he shares his music with his followers. He creates original music and at times produces remix of famous songs. His music can be accessed through his blog ( )His recent updates on music include the best voted scenes of 2015 and features various artists, Jane Horrocks’ performance and other top musical renditions.

Urbana’s professional life

Urbana is the head of business development and one of the founders of Ellipse Technologies ( .) This company specializes in development and marketing of medical devices specifically lasers and IPL. There recent development is the introduction of Nordlys Hybrid System a more efficient device for many skin types. His entrepreneurship skills combined with being a successful Lacrosse player made him co- found Next Level Lacrosse Camp ( This camp deals with training of young lacrosse players into developing better specialized skills.

Passion for videos

Urbana’s skills in video editing enable him to create videos that help in his charity campaign. Most of his videos cover his interest in nature and flying. Urbana’s Vimeo account and YouTube channel ( contain most of his uploads such as Life on Lake, sunrise from Afar and Ripples and Waves From Below among others.

Athlete profile and achievements

Jon Urbana is a successful lacrosse player. He played the defense position and his team received an honorable mention All-American Honors due to his effort. During his time, his team ranked 7th in the nation’s defense scoring ( He started Next Level Lacrosse camp to nurture young players and refine their skills.

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