Josh Verne: Successful at Business and Entrepreneurship

Josh started his career at Home Line Furniture and as President. He grew it to become one of the largest furniture brands in the US. Josh is the co-founder of which he started with Jon Dorfman and Paul Dumas. The company offers a marketplace where purchases are deducted from one’s salary. The company provides financing which is paid through installments and is deducted from the employee’s bank account. This ensures that employees can pay for items even when they do not have cash, and it can be deducted when the salary is allocated to the employee’s account.


The company’s unique offering encourages a healthy relationship with its customers because there are no additional rates or hidden fees. was started in 2012 and was acquired two years later by Global Analytics which saw it as a good fit for its analytics platform. Verne served as the CEO of the company which had 19 employees at the time of acquisition.


Josh founded FlockU early this year. This is a platform for college students to share and communicate. FlockU has been described as one of the platforms that brands can use to target millennials. Verne is the advisor to Open Book Ben who enlisted him as one because of his vast entrepreneurship experience.


Josh Verne was recently featured in the Knowledge for Men podcast where he gave advice on business, life, and leadership. He advises executives to be leaders and not bosses at their places of work. A boss demands respect and pushes people around just because they are in positions of power. A leader rallies his employees to work together and earns respect by serving those who are under him.


Josh also advised leaders to try as much as possible that each decision turns out to be a win-win for everyone. He says that one can find a way to ensure that everyone wins even when the situation is not looking up. Verne also said that listening was a trait that every leader has to have for them to foster a healthy relationship at the work place. He advises people to find work-life balance and to seek work that they are passionate about.


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