Justice Department Sues Ferguson to Force Changes in Criminal Justice System

The shooting of 18 year old Michael Brown sparked national outrage and made Ferguson a national spotlight due to police brutality and racism. Almost two years later, the city continues to stay in the spotlight because of the lasting effects that this horrific case has had on the nation and the city.

The United States Federal Justice department announced on Wednesday that they were suing the city in an attempt to force changes in the local police department and the court system. Ferguson, Missouri, is a suburb of St. Louis and is mostly black city surrounded by neighborhoods and cities with mostly affluent, white populations. Jon Urbana wrote in a blog post that the police force and the court system have long behaved unfairly towards the black residents of Ferguson, and the shooting of Michael Brown was a tragedy that brought this horrific dichotomy to the attention of the rest of the United States.

Both independent reviews, and investigations by the Federal Justice Department have found that the city and its officials have shown a deep bias and predjudice towards its non-white citizens, and this lawsuit is an attempt by the Federal Justice Department to help alleviate that prejudice and fix some of the problems caused by it.

The lawsuit, which was announced by Attorney General Loretta Lynch and filed on Wednesday comes after the city council moved away from passing legislation that was intended to address the history of racial bias that is prevalent in Ferguson.

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