Kabbalah Centres Worldwide are the Centers of Ancient Spirituality

Many people think that Kabbalah is a religion, but it is an ancient wisdom and supernatural study of spirituality. Kabbalah has existed since the beginning of civilization and before the Jewish nation was formed. They do not worship or recite formal prayers. Kabbalah believes that all humans have a Divine purpose on Earth, so they are to continue learning the wisdom, and all things spiritual, while they are here.
The Kabbalahists believe that there is a higher power that is all light and that humans are to try to get closer to that light throughout their lifetimes. The word “Kabbalah” literally means “to receive,” and those who follow this wisdom are to receive the light and the principles that make it up. Students of Kabbalah do not study this ancient belief like a discipline, but rather they use principles of the wisdom to reveal the spiritual beliefs.

Kabbalah Centres

Kabbalah was brought to America in the 1980s by Kav and Karen Berg who studied at the original Centre in Israel in 1922. After 10 years of study, they founded the first Centre in New York where they held classes and translated the original teachings into many languages.

Kabbalah Centres are centralized locations where followers can come together to learn the principles of Kabbalah. Today, there are over 40 Centres worldwide where students learn from an experienced instructor how to focus on their spiritual life. Kabbalahists say they learn spirituality that allows them to make better decisions about their lives and reveal the joy that is inherently inside of everyone.

In 2016, Kabbalah Centres are not the only place Kabbalah is taught. The Centre in Los Angeles daily broadcasts courses, daily meditations, and related information online and on the radio. This allows people, where ever they may live, to be involved and learn Kabbalah.

Centres provide more fellowship with volunteering events and monthly dinners, but today, anyone who wants to learn the spiritual principles of Kabbalah and find happiness and joy has the opportunity in Kabbalah Centres or online.

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