Kanye Clearly Needs Guidance

Everyone around Kanye can’t be a yes man. Someone needs to tell him that his live performances, as of late,are really starting to suck. His recent Billboard Awards performance isn’t going to make anyone want to see him live. All the smoke and fire on stage was only cool for a couple of seconds. After that it was just a mess.
Hopefully, he will look back at the huge mess that he called a performance at the award show.

The guys at The Daily Beast along with Daniel Amen worry that West seems rather misguided right now. He has all the money, but he doesn’t have any type of perspective anymore. There was a time when he was hungry for the music. He had a fan base of young hip-hop heads that were following him. West was sampling records and composing some amazing tunes. This was during a time when he was trying hard to rise from the producer to the rapper role. Now that he has gotten there he seems to have nothing to really say.

Kanye got the girl (no more heartbreak music), he has the money (no more music about the struggle), and he has the fame (no more music about trying to make it). He even got married and had a daughter. It makes it seem like he is just out there pulling content out of the air. There is no real focus anymore. He just seems angry and very unfocused.

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