Kanye Lightens Up

A new year has just started and Kanye West has already hijacked the ears of listeners the way Skout hijacks my attention half the time. He is getting a lot buzz with a song called “Only One” that features a special guest.

It is safe to say that the buzz is there because it has a very special person playing the electric piano. This is a collaboration with music royalty Paul McCartney. This is an official game changer for the new year. On this track Kanye is singing softly. It was expected that something like this would happen because West is a father now. He has a little girl, and little girls tend to bring out the lighter sides of fathers.

Kanye has shown a lighter side before. He made an entire album with singing through auto tune. This song is a lot different though. This is not a song about bad relationships. This is a song that is told through the eyes of his deceased mother Donda West. It is something that his daughter can listen to and be proud of her father. 

Kanye West was really wild on his last album , “Yeezus.” He painted a landscape of explicit actions that were put into place by dark rock and hip hop beats. This may be the softest track that people have heard from Kanye in a long time. It is certain a song that people will be talking about as 2015 begins.

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